Charging your MoCap Pro SuperSplay Glove (DOC-5027)

This document will take you through the steps for charging your MoCap Pro Glove.


  • MoCap Pro Gloves
  • MicroUSB Cable (included with your glove)


  1. The circuit on the glove should be set to 'C' for charge using the switch on the left side of the circuit (see image below).

Note: Setting the switch to 'D' allows you to use the glove in wired mode with your PC. Your glove will not charge while in wired mode.


2. The glove is charged using the micro USB port on the glove (see image below). Connect your cable to the micro USB port of the glove and the USB A end of the cable into the USB A charging port of your PC or charging outlet.

The glove takes 2-3 hours to fully charge.

Note: The USB C port is not for charging. The USB C port is for using an UltraSync One module for time code purposes. See here for details on using the UltraSync.

  1. To tell if the glove is charging, if you remove the glove from the charge the light on the circuit will begin to blink blue indicating it has some charge. If you reconnect the glove to charge again the blue light will stop blinking, which indicates the glove is charging.
  2. Once you unplug the glove if it is turned on it will begin blinking blue again.
  3. You can see the level of charge when you connect the glove to Hand Engine and you have the correct ComPort selected. Refer to the Hand Engine User Guide (DOC-5046)for how to connect the glove in Hand Engine.

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