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Hand Dubbing: Recording over pre-recorded data in MotionBuilder using the StretchSense Gloves (DOC-5049)

This document will take you through the steps of recording hand data in MotionBuilder using the MotionBuilder streaming plugin.


Setting up your MotionBuilder Project

  1. Download and Install the StretchSense Hand Engine and MotionBuilder

    NOTE: for this example, we are using version MotionBuilder 2020

  2. Load in your body asset into MotionBuilder with recorded body and/or hand data


  3. Launch Hand Engine and setup your hands.

    See Hand Engine User Guide (DOC-5046) for glove calibration instructions.

  4. Setup Remapping to target character FBX in MotionBuilder (FBX scanned into HE remap tool must be setup for remapping in T-Pose at first frame and L or Paddle Pose for hands. See image below for example FBX to scan into HE)

    See Remapping to a Custom Character Hand in Hand Engine (DOC-5020) for remapping instructions



  5. Setup streaming to MotionBuilder. You can use one glove to drive either the left or right hand.

    See Streaming hand data from Hand Engine to Maya (DOC-5021) for streaming instructions



  6. Tick the recording checkbox on the MotionBuilder Plugin to be able to record the live streamed hand data on your target character in MotionBuilder

  7. Hit the Record Button and Create a new take. When prompted select yes to copy the data from the current take to the new take so you can always go back to the original take.



  8. You can now puppeteer or animate your character’s hands alongside body animation by pressing the record button on your newly created take. We recommend playing at half the speed (or slowed down speed e.g. 1/10th of normal speed) when recording in MotionBuilder directly onto your target character.


For example, in the images below the single index finger touching the wrist in the original recording has now been re-recorded to have the index and middle finger touch the back of the wrist (note the same time stamp between recordings).

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