How to Setup Express Calibration (DOC-5034)

This document will take you through the steps of setting up the Express Calibration in Hand Engine 1.2.0 and higher.


Quick Overview Video (≈ 1 min)



Express Calibration

  1. Download and Install the StretchSense Hand Engine.

  2. Launch Hand Engine and connect your glove(s).

  3. Under Performer, click on create and add the performer name.


  4. Under the boxes Left and Right, click on SCAN to populate the COM Port list and select the COM port of your USB dongle/Glove, then toggle the switch next to the COM PORT box from to On to open a connection.


  5. Click the Calibrate Express button (under Quick Calibration).


    A countdown timer will start for 15 seconds and you should start moving your fingers and thumb through their full range of motion while rotating your wrist until the timer ends. By default, this calibration will last for 15 seconds (to modify the calibration time see the Adjusting the Time for Express Calibration Capture section at the end of this documentation)



  6. We recommend a combination of the following five motions when using Express Calibration

    1. Finger wiggle

    Image Placeholder


    2. Thumb extension



    3. Finger to thumb touches (back and forth)


    4. Splaying fingers

    Image Placeholder


    5. Curling fingers into a fist


  7. The Express Calibration will be saved as a captured pose called EXPRESS from your selected profile under Advanced Calibration Options. Each time you click Calibrate Express it will reset the Express Calibration pose saved under the selected profile.

    This EXPRESS pose can be used in Express Calibration or in combination with other additional captured poses in Hybrid. See here for Hybrid documentation. Express will not work for Blend or Pose.

Adjusting the Time for Express Calibration Capture

The Express Calibration can have its calibration time adjusted. To do that, click on Preferences from the top left, then set your preferred time for the Express Capture (seconds) from the Application Setting popup.



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