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Keyframing in Maya using the StretchSense Gloves (DOC-5048)

This document will take you through the steps of keyframing in Maya using the Maya streaming plugin.


Please note: The HE asset is set up using the metric system. Please ensure that your target FBX is setup with the same measurement system (working units in centimeters) in the software you are streaming to (for example if using Maya refer here)

Setting up your Maya Project

  1. Download and Install the StretchSense Hand Engine and Maya

    NOTE: for this example, we are using version Maya 2020

  2. Launch Hand Engine and setup your hands.

    See Hand Engine User Guide (DOC-5046) for glove calibration instructions.

  3. Setup streaming to Maya. You can use one glove to drive either the left or right hand.

    See Streaming hand data from Hand Engine to Maya (DOC-5021) for streaming instructions


  4. Once streaming is successful select the bones of the whole hand or a partial finger in the Outliner to add keyframes for the whole hand or just certain finger bones

  5. Navigate to Open Windows>Animation Editors>Graph Editor


  6. Select the frame at which you would like to add a keyframe. Press the ‘s’ key to record a keyframe


  7. Select a different frame at at which you would like to add a second keyframe. Press the ‘s’ key to record a keyframe


  8. You can scrub between keyframes to blend between poses captured in Maya and edit curves in graph editor for individual bones manually to achieve a different result


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