Legacy - Glove and Dongle Firmware Update Guide (Desktop)

Instructions on how to update your glove firmware via the nRF Connect App



nRF Connect - Firmware Update Instructions:

Video Tutorial

Resetting Dongle

Step 1: Ensure only one dongle is plugged into your PC and is showing the slow red flashing LED. If the dongle has a solid yellow/greenish light, push the bootloader button while it is connected (see below).

Super Splay and Fidelity Glove Dongle - Reset

SuperSplay Glove Dongle

Step 2: Open nRF Connect for Desktop.

Step 3: In the nRF Connect application, install and open “Bluetooth Low Energy”.

Step 3

Step 4: After opening the “Bluetooth Low Energy” tool, click on Select Device at the top left.

Step 4_1

Then, Select your dongle. It will identify as “Open DFU Bootloader”

Step 4_2


Step 5: nRF Connect will prompt to “Confirm, Device must be programmed”. Click Yes. This will install the generic nRF Connect firmware onto the dongle:


Step 5

When complete it will identify as follows, and the dongle light will be off.

Step 5_1

Now you can proceed with the glove update from the same window, and then later on you can update the dongle.

Updating the Glove Firmware

Step 1: Turn on the glove and click on Start can under discovered devices from the same Bluetooth Low Energy window.

Step 2: Search for StretchSense and click on Connect.

Glove showing white flashing LED (Flashing white light):

If the firmware update has previously failed on the glove, it will be stuck with a white slow flashing LED light. The process to recover the glove is the same, but in this step, the glove will identify as "Dfutarg". Connect to "Dfutarg" and continue the process as follows.

Step 3: Once connected, click on the DFU button next to Peripheral in the StretchSense box from the Connection Map. It looks like a little padlock inside an arrowed circle.

Step 4: Open the app_dfu.zip file downloaded from the MoCap Pro Glove and Dongle Firmware (Legacy Process) Package as advised in the requirements.

Then click on Start DFU.

The glove light will flash white while the firmware update is happening. Once completed it will be flashing blue again.

Updating the Dongle Firmware

Step 1: Push the bootloader button while it is connected (see image below) so the red flashing light comes up.

Step 2: Close the Bluetooth Low Energy window, and from the nRF Connect application, install and open the “Programmer” tool.

Step 6


Step 3: Click on Select Device at the top left and select your dongle.


Step 7


Step 4: Click on “Add HEX file” and select the .hex file downloaded from the MoCap Pro Glove and Dongle Firmware (Legacy Process) Package as advised in the requirements.

Step 8


Step 5: Click on Write, this will install the StretchSense firmware to the dongle:


Step 9

Step 6: When complete, nRF Connect will show this error in the console. This is normal and the update will be completed. The dongle light will be green.


Step 10


Step 11: Close all instances of nRF Connect and open the StretchSense Launcher to confirm firmware version from the Devices tab:

You can load the latest MoCap Pro Glove Dongle Launcher Firmware bundle to compare to the existing firmware installed.

If the dongle and glove icons are green then everything is up to date. If the icon color is either red or yellow you should click on update devices.

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