Legacy - UltraSync One Module Configuration (DOC-5008)

This is a guide for configuring an Ultrasync One timecode module to output a digital LTC data stream from the USB-C connector on the modu



Configuring the Ultrasync One Module

  1. Open USB Updater App. Here is the opening screen with no Ultrasync One connected to the PC:


  2. Connect the Ultrasync One module. USB Updater will automatically detect the unit and do a check for updates. (See screen shot below for the version of the USOne module firmware that StretchSense has tested on). Here is the new state of USB Updater:



  3. Click the Cog icon. A popup window will appear that asks you to enter the password to access the settings. Enter the password ‘8B4p3’ (without quotation marks) and click OK.


  4. In the Settings Window, Click the OEM button to open the OEM Configuration Options:



  5. In the OEM Options, the relevant options are 1, 2, 4, and 5. The baud rate should be set to 57600 which corresponds to 1-off and 2-off. The broadcast timecode should be set to ‘every frame’ which corresponds to 4-off and 5-on. The effects of other options have not been tested, however Timecode Systems recommends the remaining options be left unticked/off.

    Image Placeholder


  6. Hit OK on OEM Options, OK on Settings, and close the USB Updater app.

  7. Power off the USOne module and turn it on again. Now when you connect it to the MoCap Pro glove the timestamp will be replaced with the LTC from the USOne module. Note to go back to the MoCap Pro glove internal frame counter you must power off the MoCap Pro glove circuit and power it on again.

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