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OptiTrack Motive DataStream Integration - Timecode (DOC-5037)

This document will take you through the steps of setting up the OptiTrack Motive timecode in Hand Engine.


The purpose of reading the OptiTrack data stream is to read the timecode value of the Motive Timecode stream.

Setting up the OptiTrack timecode 

  1. Make sure your gloves are connected to Hand Engine

  2. Run OptiTrack Motive

  3. Enable OptiTrack Stream using Multicast or Unicast in the Data Streaming Pane. Please refer to the OptiTrack wiki for details on the Data Streaming Pane: https://v22.wiki.optitrack.com/index.php?title=Data_Streaming_Pane

  4. Once you have a running Motive stream, go to Hand Engine -> Master timecode

  5. Select OptiTrack - Network, enter the IP address & port of the stream in format IP:port (eg

    By default in Motive, this Data Port is set at 1511 but you can change it in Motive as long as you make sure to set the same port in Hand Engine


  6. Select in Hand Engine if you are using Unicast or Multicast.

    Please Note: This should match what you have set in the Data Stream Pane in Motive in Step 3 above.

  7. Turn it ON

    If there is an active stream, the message alert will say connection successful. You will see the time code data streamed in the TC Data section
    If it fails, it will say it “Cannot Listen to the OptiTrack Server”

On a successful connection, the time code from the OptiTrack stream will be used in the glove stream going out of the hand engine as long as the OptiTrack Network is selected in timecode and the connection is turned ON.

Please note the FPS streaming from OptiTrack will be sent to Hand Engine. If you would like to alter the FPS of the recording in Hand Engine then you can by using the dropdown menu (see image below).




Please Note: If using OptiTrack Motive and Hand Engine on the same Machine, double-check the Local Interface dropdown menu under ‘OptiTrack Streaming Engine’ (see image below). The Local Interface sets the network address to which the captured frame data is streamed.


Then in Hand Engine 1.3 and above, you can set the Local Interface IP address to this specific IP Address (see below).

Please note when set to the local loopback ( address, the data is streamed locally within the computer and the Local Interface IP address should be set to

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