Recording Data to Micro SD Card (DOC-5024)

This document will take you through the steps of recording data to an SD Card from the MoCap Pro Glove circuit.


  • StretchSense Hand Engine: Login to your account page on  or email for details.

  • MoCap Pro Gloves (updated to the latest version available on your account. Refer to the update guide here: How to Update Your Mocap Pro Glove and USB Dongle Firmware via the StretchSense Launcher (DOC-4056)

    Please note: SD Card CSV file will not require to reformat if you are on the latest firmware

  • Micro SD Card (the SD card should be formatted as FAT32)

    Please note: We recommend using Class 10 SD Cards of up to 64GB Capacity

    Please note: SDXC cards are not compatible with the MoCap Pro gloves. Please use SD or SDHC cards only.

    Please note: Application Performance Class 2 (A2) type SD Cards will not work with this feature.

    Please note: the exFat file system is not compatible with recording. Please format to the FAT32 file system.


  • Operating System: Windows 10

Important Things to note: 

  1. The SD card cannot be hot-swapped, i.e. the SD card should be inserted before you power on the glove and then only removed once the glove is powered down.

  2. When the SD card is logging you should be able to see the light on the back of the glove alternate between blue and green (normally it just flashes blue)

  3. Also, there is no need to worry about the C->D switch that just pertains to the USB power/communication settings.

For instructions on how to correctly format the SD Cards, please visit this article:

Formatting an SD Card for Glove Recording (DOC-5052)

Setting up the SD Card recording

  1. Turn the glove off by long-pressing the top button from the glove circuit, then insert the SD Card.

  2. Turn on the glove and run the Hand Engine software.

  3. From the Performer tab within Hand Engine, at the very bottom under Advanced Calibration Options, you can find the SD Card (see screenshot below) from the Configuration box. Click on the dropdown list and select Triggered by Record.

  4. From the Recording section, once you click on Rec (see screenshot below) it will start recording the raw data into the SD Card as a CSV file. Your glove LED light should start blinking alternating blue and green when recording to SD card. Once you are done recording, you can click on Stop. 

    Note: Remember to only remove the microSD card after you have powered down the glove.


    While recording is in progress, the round icon in the Hand Engine recording section will pulse red.

  5. Power off the glove and remove the SD card from the glove. Transfert the take folders to your PC using an SD Card Reader.

  6. You may review the recorded takes by selecting the file playback icon in Hand Engine and loading the CSV data files onto each hand. They can then be played back within Hand Engine


    If you wish to produce an individual hand OR full body FBX from takes recorded to the SD Card, please transfer them to your PC and use the following article to perform a batch processing operation: Batch Processing Instructions

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