Remote Playback - How to Setup a Trigger via Python Script (DOC-5045)

This document will take you through the steps of setting up a trigger for remote file playback in the Hand Engine software via Command Prompt.


  • StretchSense HandEngine: Log in to your account page on   or contact our Support team on StretchSense Help Center

  • Operating System: Windows 10

  • Shogun Live API installed

  • Python installed

    Python Installation:

    • 64 bit if 64bit windows

    • 32 bit if 32bit windows

      Note: Even if you have Python installed from the Microsoft App store you will still need to install Python from the website above

      IMPORTANT: Tick the checkbox for adding Python 3.9 to PATH

  • Basic python knowledge

  • Python Start/Stop/Pause file playback scripts - Download Link

Setting up the trigger for remote file playback in Hand Engine

  1. Launch Hand Engine, load the CSV raw data files, and load your calibration.



  2. Open Command Prompt, type cd, and paste the file location where the scripts are saved.

  3. Type in the following command line and hit Enter to start recording in Hand Engine. If successful, you will see the hand animation playing.

    python --port=3000 --host=""

    NOTE: The port and host can be changed to where Hand Engine is running. If you don’t specify the host and port then the default ( & 3000) will be used.

  4. To stop or pause, type the following command line and hit Enter.

    Stop: python --port=3000 --host=""
    Pause: python --port=3000 --host=""

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