Unreal Engine - How to Retrieve Pose Name from Hand Engine 2

This document will take you through the steps of retrieving the pose name in Unreal Engine.


  • StretchSense Hand Engine version 2.2.2-SDK or earlier.

  • Unreal Engine 4.24 to 4.27 and UE 5 EA: https://www.unrealengine.com/en-US/

  • Unreal Engine 5.0 and 5.1 are also supported
    • Please note that the steps for UE5.0 and UE5.1 may differ slightly. 
  • Unreal Hand Engine Plugin: Download the most up-to-date Plugins for Unreal Engine from the Downloads Section of your StretchSense Account at http://www.stretchsense.com/my-account   

  • Operating System: Windows 10


Retrieving Pose Using the Custom Node

  1. Include plugin in engine folder (installation)

  2. Open a new project in UE.

  3. Install Livelink and Mocap Pro Live link from the Edit>Plugins menu.

  4. Import hand asset into unreal (optional)

  5. Create an anim asset from the hand mesh and (optional)

  6. Drag anim asset into the scene.

  7. With the asset selected in the scene go to details and select Blueprint/Add Script



  8. Once the blueprint opens select Add Component > Live Link Skeletal Animation



  9. Go to the details pane and add the OnLiveLinkUpdate event



  10. Open the events tab



  11. From the LiveLinkUpdate event attach Evaluate LiveLink Frame and GetPose. Make sure you set the live link subject in the Evaluate node and select Animation Role for the Role.



  12. When the Livelink Pose matches the name listed in getPose the Pose Active node will activate.

  13. To stack multiple events to different poses you can add more getPose Nodes attached to the Pose Inactive output node of the previous getPose node. (Only one pose can be labeled active at once)


    *The optional steps are if you want to have live hand data visualization running in parallel with the pose detection stuff. You can just attach this to a blank actor blueprint or similar.


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